Name Title Email
Ceann Bales Executive Director/CEO
Tom Byrum Senior Program Director
Erin Hodge Childcare Director
Shelly Price Youth/Lifeskills Director
Drew Lovern Wellness Director
 Melissa Black  Licensed Preschool Teacher/Director
 Janelle Hill  Office Manager
Jackie Welch Camp Yale Director
Anthony Pruett Front Desk Staff
Cheryl Cash Front Desk Staff
Ashley Breedlove Front Desk Staff
Leon Fetters Maintenance Staff
Darryl Hurt Camp Yale Maintenance Staff
Jessica Adams 3,4 and 5 year Old Teacher
Teresa Cox 3-4 year Old Teacher
Jes Brandon 3,4, and 5 year Old Teacher
Lisa Morford 2 year Old Teacher
Brandi Rice 2 year Old Teacher
Sarah Cline 1 year Old Teacher
Alisha Foudray 1 year Old Teacher
Angie Adams 6 wks. to 36 mths. Teacher
Staci Alyea 6 wks. to 36 mths. Teacher
Amber Suarez Infant Room Teacher
Ashley Boyd Infant Room Teacher’s Aide
Aubrey Brabson Teacher’s Aide/Winchester Kids club/Front Desk Staff
 Libby Blankley Teacher’s Aide
 Sharon Price  Teacher’s Aide
Lexxus Stewart Lynn Kid’s Club Instructor/Teacher’s Aide
Kristi Mann 6 wks. to 36 mths. Teacher
Savanah Woodward Teacher’s Aide
Lanett Pruitt Teacher’s Aide
Brittany Lee Lynn Kids Club Instructor
Mergey Hemmeter Monroe Central Kids Club Instructor
 Ricki Webb Teacher’s Aide/ Union City Kids Club Instructor
Linda Pruett Childcare Cook
 Baylee Hartman Teacher’s Aide
 Jordan Yaryan Kid’s Club Instructor/Summer Camp Instructor
 Jennifer Foster  Kitchen Aide/Teacher’s Aide
Tom Batt Yoga Instructor
Lindsey Lovern Turbo Kick Instructor
Shelley Burdette ZUMBA / POUND Instructor
Sara Shierling Yoga Instructor
Gwen Rook ZUMBA & Yoga Instructor
Kathy Pearson Zumba / Body Pump Instructor
Ken Pearson Body Pump Instructor
Holly Duncan P90X Instructor
Jackie Welch Insanity & PiYo Instructor